Mission Statement

We Help the Missing, Inc. is a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation, 501(c)3 approved, which is comprised of a team of volunteers, investigators, and bikers, and others who selflessly dedicate themselves to locating missing persons, no matter the age or how long your loved one has been missing. 

What We Do

* We believe and have found that massive, expedient exposure increases the chances of locating a missing loved one.  

* We utilize all sources of networking, media, and social media.  We are "boots on the ground", in the field searching, hanging posters, gathering information and following up on leads.  

* We are comprised of volunteers who perform a variety of functions within the organization as well as in the communities.   We offer to help provide the services of professional investigators, Search and Rescue (SAR) and forensic experts as available.

* We try to network and refer the families to professional investigators that will utilize the utmost in professional investigative techniques. They will also assist and corroborate with families, law enforcement and other agencies.

(Note: Investigators are referral only and not employees nor subcontractors of We Help The Missing, Inc. and are liable for their own actions, carry their own insurance and abide by the laws in which they are licensed or practice in).

 * Our Search Team Against Time (S.T.A.T) members are a team of dedicated, compassionate rapid response  bikers who expediently respond to the last known location, put up posters, canvass the areas of interest, gather information and report to the assigned investigators and other team members.  S.T.A.T. team members may also assist in search efforts under the direction of Search and Rescue experts.
* Among the founding members and corporate and board directors,  we have decades of combined experience in the field of missing persons.  We strive to rely on that expertise and to use every resource available to help locate your loved one.

* We will give it our best to actively raise awareness  and obtain the best resources for every missing person case that we can accept without prejudice or bias.
* It is our goal to work harmoniously with other missing persons search organizations and Law Enforcement agencies at all levels.

* We will continue to employ new avenues of research, training, skill, technology and techniques to improve the chances of finding your loved one.

* We proudly maintain a team of highly motivated, professional, compassionate individuals, from various backgrounds, who dedicate their time, heart and expertise to help bring them home. 

* We will continue to actively recruit quality, caring, skilled individuals, and professionals.

* We Help The Missing is here to serve and console the loved ones of the missing person though this difficult time. We will strive to the best of our ability and resources to recover the missing person.  

Never Lose Hope !!!

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