We are dedicated to continued support of our families. 

Let them tell you for themselves how we have been there for them.


Hi my name is Bleu Petty,

I have been dealing with my 15 year old daughter Hailee running away from home since the age of 13.

Every time she has runaway I felt lost and scared and alone. It’s devastating not knowing where you child is. With no help from police because she was a “runaway” was very hard to understand that a child is out there and the only one hitting the payment looking for her was me.

I was very fortunate to meet two awesome ladies Marki Davis and Denise Savastano prior to them starting wehelpthemissing.org.

From the first moment of contact they were right there with me. They never gave up on me or finding my daughter I felt for the first time that I was not alone and there were other people who actually cared that my child was missing. It’s amazing to know there is organization like wehelpthemissing.org I can tell you that you will not be alone and that there are other people do care and they will not stop until your loved one is found, even after they are found they are still there to support you through the healing process.

Thank you Denise and Marki we are very fortunate that God has put two wonderful people to be on this earth. 
By Leanne Cynowa

I have had the honor of working with two of these investigators for several years now. At NO point have I once felt alone. They have a wealth of knowledge, skill, & resources abound. My child has gone missing now 4 times, and from the first 48 hours through the after care and family reunification process, We Help The Missing was there. NO WHERE will you find a more dedicated group of individuals to hunt for answers in your time of crisis.
By Janet Lang

I would like to thank Denise and WHTM for everything, just knowing that i wasnt on my own trying to find my daughter did bring me and my family a ton of relief, i could never say enough word to express how greatful I am to you all for helping us bring my daughter home. Thank you so much.

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