Search Team Against Time (S.T.A.T)

Just as the acronym suggest these dedicated men and women bikers, their families and other dedicated volunters, are our Rapid Response Team who are ready to ride, drive, walk (in the feild operations) whenever a last known location of missing person or to a location of interest.
This great team goes to the location and places posters on businesses, poles, and other visible areas to help get the face and information of the missing person out there immediately.

They also may go door to door or stop people on the street asking if anyone has seen the missing person or participate in Search and Rescue operations.

They do whatever it takes, within the law,  to gain information from  the community and get that information back to our investigators.  

Once we have the case on file our bikers and team members are on it S.T.A.T. !!! 

To become an honored member of the S.T.A.T. Team please complete the form below.  Make a difference and help families find answers.

Please note:  We are not a club, we are not asking you to be disloyal to your club or patch.  We are a cause apprised of many clubs and individual bike enthusiast, families and non-bikers,  joining forces to find missing persons.  

If you have any questions regarding S.T.A.T., please contact Mike Gunsel at:


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