Who We Are...

Our team is comprised of compassionate, dedicated persons, with many years of experience, who have a full range of qualifications. Their mission is to help locate missing persons and to support, guide, give comfort and hope to the families through this most difficult time.

They fully understand the pain these families go through when a loved one is missing.  They are also very aware of the imminent dangers that a missing person may encounter.  

We believe that there is nothing worse than living in the "void of the unknown" and not knowing where to turn.  

We commit ourselves to providing every resource available to help.    
Never Lose Hope !!!

CEO / Founder - Marki Davis

Marki is a Utah licensed private investigative agent.  Marki owns and operates A-Team Investigative Services.  

Marki has a background in Criminal Justice and in 2010 she attended the academy to become the Utah victim's advocate for the US Department of Justice's NamUs program.  She is certified in Listening for Understanding, Crisis Management, and the University of North Texas' Missing Persons Protocol. 

Marki has been dedicated to helping find missing persons since 2005.  She has a strong compassion for the missing and unidentified. She has been on the board of directors of to previous missing persons organizations. This compassion extends to the families of the missing and to raising awareness through advocating for the missing   Marki has assisted law enforcement on many active and cold cases. Marki also specializes in Criminal Defense Investigations. 
President - Dave Wolfskill

Dave, a father and grandfather, and retired law enforcement.  He currently owns David Wolfskill Investigations, a Wyoming Private Investigation agency.

Dave became involved in helping to locate missing persons in 2013. Dave has been a huge advocate and has helped to bring awareness of the enormity of the missing persons epidemic to others.  He has been instumental in helping others become involved in the crusade to help bring them home.
Vice President  - Denise Savastano
Denise Savastano, owner of LP Solutions, has been a licensed Private Investigator in California since 1983.  

In 1981, after Adam Walsh was abducted and murdered, Denise decided that she wanted to become a private investigator and began taking Criminal Justice courses at her local college.  In the meantime, Denise became an advocate for children’s safety and began by educating parents on the importance of doing background checks on everyone that had access to their children, particularly, caregivers.  

In 1985, she started a company called Safe Hire 4 Kids, which specialized in Nanny and Caregiver background checks.  In 1990, Denise began to specialize in missing children cases and has since volunteered several hundred hours of her own time to help families find their missing children.  She is personally responsible for finding several children and reuniting them with their families.  

In 2013, Denise was recognized for this work by receiving an award for “Investigator of the Year” with an organization she volunteered for.  

She was born and raised in Southern California and is a single mom of a teenage son.
Secretary  - Shelley Messersmith-O'Dell

Shelley began volunteering to help find missing persons in 2012, after she had dealt with the terrifying experience of having her own missing child. After her daughter was located safe, she promised to contribute something to help others faced with the hurt and trauma of having a missing loved one. 
Shelley has an educational background in psychology and law and she has dedicated many years to volunteering as a foster parent and as an advocate for foster children in the court system. Shelley and husband, Jason have 5 grown children between them and feel blessed to have added so many other children to their family over the years. 

Shelley states that “no parent should ever have to lay their head down at night, not knowing where their child is, or if their child is safe”, and “no person should ever have to feel the helplessness of trying to locate a missing loved one, all while suffering with the anguish of having them missing in the first place, much less do it alone! I am here to help change that.”
Cherrie Bobadilla

Cherrie volunteers for the children, she had a step daughter who ran off every chance she got and son who also ran away. It took her a while to find him but she did eventually get him home safe.  Having had the experience with her step daughter and son Cherrie understand the feeling of having a missing child.  She feels that it is the emptiest feeling in your heart.  She says, "You don't sleep or eat or function until they are safe".  Cherrie loves kids and doesn't like to see them abused or hurt which is why she went to law school.  She volunteers, not for her own satisfaction, but for the sake of the children and to get them back to their families.  God blessed Cherrie with a big heart where kids are concerned.
Mike Gunsel

Mike has a background in Law Enforcement and Military. 
Mike recalls in the 70's when his God Mother's daughter was taken at 12 years of age.  Because the child was of "mix breed" it was found that Law Enforcement was less than helpful.  Mike's mom and uncle, both private investigators, took on the case pro-bono and the child was later found safe in San Francisco.  This incident inspired Mike to help with missing person cases. In 2013, Mike became involved in the search for missing persons when he was approached to help in a case while he was on a cross country motorcycle ride from New York to Washington State. Mike is a metal fabricator, a huge bike enthusiast and family man.

Steve Couch
Steve is currently Chief of Police in Hulett, WY and  has over 24 years in law enforcement and feels that he well qualified to make a positive impact in our society and with servicing the families of our missing.
Tommy "Crash" Canipe

Tommy has a military background and has been involved with locating missing children in the past.  He runs a small T-shirt design and screening shop in Kings Mountain, NC and is currently putting a program into action to let missing persons know his place is a "safe haven" if needed.  Tommy especially loves children as he never got to see his own grow up, so he never wants to see them abused or hurt. In social media and real life, he bills himself as Crash Walker-Superhero, and is evident in multiple charities and events concerning children and the missing.As Crash would say; "Don't Dream of Superheroes...BE ONE!"
Tiffany Clupp

Tiffany is a Utah Licensed Private Investigator with DSS Investigations and former bounty hunter. She married and mother of three very active children. She is a motorcycle and outdoor enthusiast. Tiiffany has been actively involved in the "wold of the missing" for many years and brings great investigative skills and passion to help locate missing loved ones.

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